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Collaborative Storytelling

In Obelisk, every player and staff member contributes to an overall story comprised of plots. A plot can be anything from a character's personal goal, to a political scheme, to an all-out war between two groups. Plots can intersect or even clash depending on an individual character's actions or desires. Characters advance plots through roleplay, which is conducted over an elaborate pose system.

Deep Characters

Players roleplay their characters, meaning that in-game, players behave as if they were the character. This creates an immersive environment populated with characters that seem to belong within the world. Players are unconstrained by artificial goals such as leveling or skilling up, because in Obelisk, skill and attribute levels are determined in character generation. Skills can be further adjusted slowly, over time.

An Unknown World

Obelisk takes place in an original setting with Icelandic and Scandinavian themes. The colonists in Tevik fled the Old Empire, or were exiled by the maniacal Emperor in his relentless pursuit of magical power. Settling on the chilly island of Omalorn, the people must contend with an unknown land, rife with magical obelisks and a native population that will defend them at any cost.

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